Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

A professional in life sciences whether he is already certified or considering a certification deserves to be recognized and appreciated for his work. That is why, GBNTC has developed high value courses and certificates exclusively for people who want to pursue their careers in the field of life sciences. We intend to provide you opportunities for on-going professional development and practical ways to evaluate your own work that will help you develop as a professional.

Following is a list of programs offered under this category.

  • Clinical Research CertificateThe Clinical Research Certificate Program at GBNTC is designed to prepare medical students, academics, physicians, industry and hospital based researchers to conduct, implement and interpret clinical research at the intersection between basic science and clinical medicine. It is designed to bring diverse disciplines together to address the increasing gap between “bench” research and “bedside” application and from bedside application to improved healthcare quality. This will help the participants develop fundamental skills and techniques to be able to collaborate successfully with colleagues in basic sciences and other disciplines in the effective conduct of high quality clinical research, and applied to a broad spectrum of clinical issues and settings.
  • Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology (CLS/MT) Training CertificateThe Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology (CLS/MT) Training Program trains the participants to purse a career in diagnostic laboratory medicine. The certification will help the participants acquire the academic knowledge, technical skills, and critical thinking experiences necessary to become proficient healthcare professionals. In our established learning environment participants put their scientific knowledge into practice, and are prepared to perform laboratory procedures related to patient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Clinical Trials: Medical Device & Drug Development CertificateDemonstrating the effectiveness and safety of new medical products is a critical part of the medical product development process and requires significant resources to accomplish. Our program fills a growing need for professional learning that ensures designing and implementing clinical trials for success. The curriculum provides comprehensive knowledge of coordinating, monitoring and managing a clinical trial within a framework of good clinical practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research and Evidence Based Medicine CertificateIn order to develop better outcomes while containing costs, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals need evidence of the effectiveness of various treatment regimens and related health care decisions. Comparative Effectiveness Research and Evidence Based Medicine is a rapidly growing field whose objective is to assess how various medical interventions result in improved health care outcomes. This work also provides a framework for healthcare professionals that yields more efficient medical decisions, reduces costs, and guides long term policy. Participants in this program acquire foundational skills and techniques that facilitate critical appraisal of existing multidisciplinary research literature, identify gaps, and then synthesize and evaluate more effective interventions.
  • Medical Product Development CertificateEmerging technologies, ever-changing regulations, and increased competition create many challenges for the medical product industry. This course has been developed to fulfill a recognized need for comprehensive professional learning in the successful design, development and delivery of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other biomedical products. The curriculum addresses the breadth of the development process, including a thorough understanding of compliance, engineering for improved performance, how to mitigate commercial and financial risks, and building marketing success.
  • Regulatory Affairs Management Program Getting timely regulatory approvals so products can get to market quickly, is the function of a regulatory affairs professional. Our Specialized Studies Program is designed to give professionals a core competency in managing the regulatory process, government approval process, and an understanding of the product life cycle. The course will prepare the participants for a job transition into the life science industry and will help them further their career as a regulatory affairs professional.
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